It was 2015 and that bottom I was hitting (see Reflexology Page) just kept getting deeper. It had to do with making enough money to survive and how impossible it felt.


Money has long been a S.N.A.F.U. of mine -- Situation Normal All F'ed Up. Try though I might, I couldn't make it more Situation Normal and less All F'ed Up.


As bottom-hitting will go, the very most right thing came along just when I needed it most. That thing was a webinar promoting the Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training Program that came floating across my computer screen. It floated across my computer screen because I was plugged into the online world of E.F.T. Tapping. This webinar was all about money, so it got my attention. 

Becoming a coach wasn’t interesting to me. I was only interested in finding a magic bullet to make my debilitating scarcity consciousness go away. What Margaret Lynch had to share in that webinar must have given me to believe that she had the magic bullet because...

I took the very last $4000 available to me on my credit card -- money I needed available to me for every other thing in my life -- and I enrolled in her T.I.W. Coach Training Program. The 'magical thinking' went: "Spending that kind of money will create in me the fire I need to stick with the work of ridding myself of my 'stuff' around money once and for all."


I knew myself well enough to know that when I hit that place where the inner-work being done makes me want to run, I RUN. So I had to have a good argument to use on myself for why NOT running was going to happen this time.

Impetuous? Irresponsible? Convoluted thinking? Yup, that was how I operated around money.

But... in this instance it turned out well.

Training to be a T.I.W. Coach like my life depended on it didn't only help me to get to the core of what ailed me and give me the tools to go about clearing it, it turned me into someone passionate and confident about helping others to do the same. I had been the ultimate acid test, and it was conclusive:


"If someone as riddled with limiting beliefs and behaviors around money as I have been can get through to the other side of this mo-fo, ANYONE CAN... with the right magic bullet."

Happy Wallets,

Happy People

I was in the throws of a deeply concerted effort to shift and up-level my career as a filmmaker - to go from a struggling artist, to a wildly successful artist - when I began working with Jeanne. I had already been doing a lot of work to make this shift, but I needed a final tap to get me over the edge and off the cliff into total transformation. 

Jeanne's work was that tap. It was so simple and so profound. Jeanne is a fucking genius. She has a deep and intuitive understanding of the exact language needed in each session to tap through to breakthrough. The work she does is so personalized and generous. She listens deeply and crafts the perfect script.


In a very short period of time I went from being overdrawn in my bank account to easily receiving $60,000 development funds for my next feature film, as well as being hired to direct my first episode of television.  I am forever grateful to Jeanne for the work she does.

~ Independent Filmmaker/writer/director/producer

For the last 20 years, I have been a founder of a creative agency in a very competitive market. As expected, after doing the same tricks over the years, I suffered from creative boredom, exhaustion and loss of focus. At 40, I find that it's less about work and more about the mental game and keeping sharp. 


Jeanne to the rescue! I was lucky enough to work with Jeanne and discovered the benefits of tapping. Tapping works because it allows me to hold space for myself to reset. In a short time, I could see that tapping, breathing, and mantras relaxed me and sharpened me for more of life's challenges. 


World-class athletes, overachievers and professionals all have something in common - we're all trying to manage stress and seek the competitive edge. Jeanne Demers and her Realize What Matters program puts you in the position for success, however you define it. Highly recommend it! Jeanne is Joy!

~ Rahul Siddharth 
Managing and Creative Director, SCG Siddharth Creative Group 

I came to Jeanne at a point when I was feeling frustrated, anxious, and hopeless about my financial situation and lack of earning power.


Jeanne guided me through visualizations and conversations that allowed me to go deep within to uncover ideas about myself and my relationship to money that I didn’t know existed, and then turned my own words into powerful tapping scripts. Using those scripts, I could feel the charge around those words lessening with every day and every week that I said them.

I have gone from a place of complete instability, and of having tremendous fear around being able to support myself and my children, to having a position where I am appreciated and well-compensated -- and I am actually looking to buy a home.


Tapping is a powerful modality, and Jeanne is a skillful, generous, and engaged guide. I feel so lucky to have found her!

~ Deborah D.

Children and Portrait Photographer

Thank you, Jeanne, for being my sunshine in the dark. The light that met me halfway. I know emotional freedom is real because I have been blessed with role models like you in my life. 

~ Katana Kodama

Why do I always end up broke even though I feel like I work very hard?  I have tried many paths to help with this situation, but Jeanne’s patient and constructive support on this journey has been the game changer. She has been right there with me every step of the way through this fascinating process. The difference I notice in myself is how much more energized, positive, conscious and clear I am.

Tapping works, but it wouldn’t have worked without persistence which -- working alone -- I do not have. 

When you know you have so much potential, yet the hole you’re in is so deep that you think you’ll never see the light - call Jeanne.

~ Cynthia Speakman

Founder/Artistic Director of

OnStage Theatre Arts for Children

08-Knowing She Hath Wings.jpeg

Before I started working with Jeanne, my wife was angry with me for not being better at earning. I felt forgotten by the art world, and I had a real sense of despair about money. 


As a result of working with Jeanne – which has been a wild ride – I again feel that I know how to earn money! I’ve a renewed sense of confidence. Jeanne helps me to both see and acknowledge the valuable ways l can and do engage the art world, and because of a lifetime of dedication, how much I have to offer. 

There’s such value in being regularly accountable with Jeanne. And when things don’t work out, she helps unpack the event, so important learning can take place. As a coach, she offers wise encouragement and compassion, I couldn’t help but love working with her.

~ Sydney Cash,


I met Jeanne at a weekly Business Development meeting and I decided to embark on a 12 sessions journey with her to help me through long-standing blockages in the form of debilitating self-sabotage that was keeping me from moving forward. Her attention to detail walking me through all of the challenges that came up on my Tapping journey has been amazing. 


If you are ready for your next power move to take your life to the next level, I highly recommend working with Jeanne Demers, your friendly, local Realize What Matters Coach. It's obvious that my life is so very different now!

~ Erik Willis

Taste and See MC

What is Emotional Freedom Technique-Tapping?

In an EFT session, the practitioner guides the client through gently tapping on various meridian end-points on the body while the client focuses on whatever is troubling them. This collapses the intensity and neutralizes the emotional association to the experience. EFT can be applied to anything in a person’s life that holds an emotional charge. The discomfort of focusing on the problem is minimal due to the rapid shift that EFT initiates in the autonomic nervous system and rapid deactivation of emotional association to the issue. 

My goal as a practitioner is to always resolve and neutralize the root cause of any problem within our sessions together. I am also dedicated to equipping all of my clients with the knowledge of how to use this amazing self-help tool on their own. By the end of the first session, all clients have a basic, workable knowledge of how to use EFT whenever they may need it. Clients often report feeling calm, centered, confident, liberated and empowered after a session.

How Does EFT-Tapping work?

EFT is so effective because of the unique combination of techniques that it incorporates.

First, EFT, is rooted in acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings and emotions, just as they currently are. This practice of awareness and acceptance provides the foundation and space for massive shifts to take place.

Secondly, tapping on the acupuncture points naturally relieves stress and helps to clear our body’s meridians of stagnant energy. Allowing life force energy to flow easily throughout our energy system as it is intended to. Many clients report physical sensations of “release” or “tingles” and easier breathing as the clearing work is done.

Lastly, EFT effectively neutralizes and resolves the emotional charge of past, stored experiences, thus relieves all current associated problems that those emotions are contributing to. Tapping soothes the body and decreases cortisol levels. When we tap while reviewing a traumatic experience, we introduce a non-traumatic physical stimulus and interrupt the emotional triggering that we've created through the traumatic memory. This breaks the power of the memory, reducing its emotional intensity. Afterward, the nervous system no longer associates the memory with stress.


With EFT, we can effectively and rapidly get to the root of our emotional turmoil. We can resolve our emotions, re-pattern our stress response and change our limiting beliefs. In turn, this allows us to shift our habits, heal our bodies, reach our goals and live in relative harmony with others, with ourselves and the world. New things will always arise in life, but with EFT, you are equipped to handle anything.

Got Money Blocks?

               Want a complimentary Clarity Session with Jeanne?

One of the things I offer people, so they can get a feel for what working with me is like (and whether or not we are fit for working together), is a complimentary Clarity Session.

In it we get really clear on where you are now with money, where you'd like to be with money, and then my best recommendation for how to close that gap so you can get to where you'd rather be.

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