• Jeanne Demers

* Clear * Claim * Create

First things first.

Listen, everyone has their money story.

You've got yours, I've got mine.

Mostly our stories are completely unconscious... and unhelpful.

Things you never actually chose.

Things like...

So first things first -- it's the work of uncovering these hidden stories and beliefs SO THAT we can clear them.

Get rid of them.

THEN, and only then, can you replace them with something better.

So the first part involves...

  • Finding out exactly WHY you don’t have more money

  • Shining light on HOW you sabotage your money picture

  • Discovering stuff like WHERE your stories came from

This puts you in possession of what you need in order to

  • Clear everything in the way of what TODAY YOU truly wants

Happily, you know what happens when you clear out the negative energy

– the energy of Shame, Self-Incrimination, Self-Doubt –

that goes along with limiting money beliefs?

THAT is when your old pals Self-Belief and Self-Trust and Confidence can come back!


And you find yourself with huge amounts of dormant brilliance that you can, once again, put toward your goals.

Yay, you! You are now...

  • Joining forces with your Brilliance!

  • Asking “Where do I want to go?”

  • Letting go of. once and for all, “It’s impossible” thinking.

  • Totally stoked to..

After so much courageous clearing and stepping into your power, you’re in alignment with the GOOD stuff now – the joyful vibration of earning and creating money.

Creating money is fun!

Sure, you still have stuff showing up to be cleared, but you love doing that now. It’s a whole new ballgame.

You feel and you ARE 100% supported as you increase your ability to…

  • Celebrate progress

  • Act from the space of “I can do it!” and “I deserve it!”

  • Manage money like it’s your Great New Game

  • Stay fluid with your ever-unfolding goals

  • Realize your tremendous worth

The Gift of Clarity

If you are sincerely committed to realizing your money goals, I would like to give you The Gift of Clarity.

When you schedule your complimentary Session with me, I’ll be able to help you…

  • Get really clear on your short and long-term money goals

  • Diagnose the biggest obstacles in your way

  • See exactly where you should focus to move forward

That alone is a huge Gift of Clarity! But I also give you my…

  • Best Recommendation for your next steps

  • Honest Evaluation of what’s going to be possible

Not only that, but your 60 minute Gift of Clarity Session will be recorded so you can have all that strategy – all that clarity! – right at your fingertips to listen to at any time. And I guarantee that you will want to listen to it again and again.

Your Gift of Clarity Session has a value of $200, but it is my gift to you IF you are sincere about realizing your money goals!

Schedule one now!