• Jeanne Demers

INTRO to Scarcity Consciousness - excerpts from the #Jbks

Updated: Mar 11

Welcome to the first RWM blog series, Scarcity Consciousness* - excerpts from the #Jbks !

Here's the idea.

I'm going to be pulling from my journals from the 1990’s -- back when I was in my 20's and 30's -- as a way of shining a light on the workings of Scarcity Consciousness (#SC) - beliefs around money and wealth and opportunity and hard work that do not serve you.

Because I was so loaded with #SC, those journals are too. The #Jbks, I call them.

My insides on the page.

Back then, though, I didn’t know that scarcity consciousness #SC was what was going on with me -- so I was just documenting its existence in my life as ...well, MY LIFE.

I share these intimate thoughts and feelings that it could feel embarassing to share (because of the saccharineness in places, alone!) but what I REALLY feel is excited and almost gleeful about sharing it.

It's a GREAT way to have the conversation I want to be having with people.

What it takes to uncover and clear #SC.

And now that I'm so excited about shining light on it in the service of helping others to do the same. I see my lifelong buddy #SC, as a Helper.

And so I give you excerpts from the #Jbks -- as a means of shining light on the inner workings of #SC so we can...

  • really look at it

  • really understand it

  • really talk about it

  • and take our power back from it… really, really, REALLY!

You will see throughout the blog series -- through my use of this little character here -- I call her Ruby --

that you’ll be invited to get your hidden consciousness clearly onto the page over in the #YOURbks section of the RWM blog.

From there, we are in a position to clear it out of our system with one of the most powerful clearing modalities on the planet -- EFT Tapping.