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My Scarcity Story

Updated: Mar 11

My Scarcity Story

My journey begins in Maine.

Before I moved to New York City (which was ASAP) to become a stage actress… writer, cartoonist, arts educator, not-for-profit founder, pot dealer, reflexologist, mentor to girls and -- finally -- a published author and illustrator...

...before all of that, I grew up in Maine.

The second eldest of ten. Ten kids. There were ten of us.

From my childhood, in my mind, there is an image. The image is of my mother. She’s standing at the kitchen sink. And something is radiating from her like a neon sign. What is radiating from her is "There’s not enough!!!"

I internalized what she was radiating and scarcity became my worldview before I knew what a worldview was.

But It Wasn’t Just Her…

I was a girl who wanted to be great someday. Like the French stage actress, Sarah Bernhardt was great. In my early teens I found the book, How To Break Into and Survive in the Theater at the Maine Mall and treated it like the Holy Bible. I believed, memorized and visualized everything it said.

The book said if I were lucky enough to be cast in a production of something, I would earn so little money that I would have to have a day job, and that I would certainly live in a small studio apartment in “the village” section of NYC where all the other struggling artists lived.

This sounded grand to me.

Though once living in New York I sooo wished I’d spent my teen years visualizing at least a one-bedroom.

Courtesy of my New Agey friends (it was the 80’s), I became aware of the power of thoughts and intentions. What I was not aware of was just how utterly soaked my subconscious was in scarcity… and how that consciousness was creating my out-in-the-world reality.

I was a poor artist. The ‘artist’ part made it OK with me.

Until my 40’s. Then I was ready to be rich.

Show Me the Money!

I thought becoming rich would be as easy as reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I’d learn from the rich dad what to do, and from the poor dad what not to do.

But the rich dad said something so upsetting that I stopped reading. He told Robert that no matter how much a person made and saved, that person would end up back at the amount of money his inner “financial set point” was set at. AND there was no changing that set point.

I flung the book across the room and set out to prove that stupid rich dad wrong!

But I didn't.

I proved him right. Over and over again.

Was my woefully low financial set point my lot in life?

Thank God for Coaching and Personal Development…

Books on financial strategy did nothing to help me. I needed REAL help. So I got a coach. A GREAT coach.

Good news: re-setting a financial set point is possible!!

But you have to know a thing or two about a thing called the “hidden mind-body-money connection.” And you have to be willing to go on a wild inner-journey through the things money connects to within YOU.

What money connected to within ME wasn’t nice:

“You’re going down the tubes! It doesn’t matter what you try to do! You are a helpless, hopeless piece of worthlessness! Incapable of your dreams! And everyone knows it! And you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself! At all times!!!”

I could only kind-of-sort-of work on my money stuff because that voice kept getting the best of me. I believed what it said. And believing it took me all the way down to a few dollars shy of completely bottoming out.

From Breakdown to Breakthrough…

Thankfully, there are gifts within our toughest stuff.

The gifts are Callings.

The Calling in nearly bottoming out financially?

“Stop resisting looking at what scares you.”

With nowhere to go but up, facing what I feared felt a lot easier. And when I did, I found out that being with my yuckiest ‘yucky stuff’ didn’t – as I was sure it would – kill me.

When I stopped resisting... guess what?

I began to see -- actually be able to see -- the roots of the beliefs that were affecting my money.

When I could see this, money went from being terrifying (savings and income and debt, oh my!) to just plain fascinating.

That, right there, THAT was a miracle.

But more than that, I soooo loved what I was learning from the wonderful and brilliant Margaret Lynch Ranier – all about how to get very, very specific as you clear money blocks – that my Calling became,

“Learn this stuff so well that you can help others with it!”

My longing to be great + the skill sets I gathered as an actor-writer-illustrator-reflexologist-mentor = Jeanne's very special Special Sauce to add to this incredible Tapping Into Wealth work.

Jeanne’s Special Sauce?

I know how to infuse things with FUN!!

And when I formally introduced PLAY and FUN and GAME MAKING into the mix and began sharing my extreme enthusiasm for this work with others, this is when I began experiencing massive shifts in my money.

Money and I are on much better terms now.

The difference being "good at money" makes in a life is hard to quantify. It’s just enormous. What I do to express my huge gratitude for the distance I’ve been able to travel in this area of my life is I share my enthusiasm for the Tapping Into Wealth work widely. I love being able to say…

“I can help you. Because if I can do this, ANYONE can do it. Seriously. A low financial set point is NOT a life sentence. You CAN shift this. I was the ultimate acid test and I made it! AND you don’t have to almost bottom out like I did to get there. It can even be FUN. I know how to hook you up with your inner kid. You can do this!”

If you’re someone who’s ready to realize YOUR money goals, feel free to contact me. It would be an honor for me to help you take this particular journey.