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Where does Scarcity Consciousness come from?

Updated: Mar 11

Where Does #SC Come From?


Where I First Met #SC


Jeanne + #SC ~ An Origin Story

#SC = beliefs around

money and wealth and opportunity and hard work

that do not serve you

If we are going to really look at, understand, and talk about #SC, we really do need to go back to the beginning of things.

So before we get to the #Jbks -- a quick detour back further in time than the 1990’s... back to where and when I first became acquainted with #SC.

Jeanne + #SC ~ An Origin Story

I grew up with people who believed that what matters is:

  • how things look matters - and quite a bit more than how things really are so a lot of energy goes into making things look “good” to the outside eye that may be looking in

  • hard work matters - in fact, working hard is the road to everywhere you want to go and everything you want to get

  • making do matters - because there isn’t enough and that's just the way things are because things cost money and money doesn’t grow on trees and I’m not made of money

  • family matters - and the bigger the family the better the family even if there isn’t enough for everyone there really IS enough because God provides everything you need

  • God matters - because God is in charge of providing

  • sacrifice matters - because sacrifice does something positive for you in relation to God

These beliefs weren’t always said in actual words (though sometimes they were), but they came through loud and clear. In the form of attitudes and actions. They were the attitudes and actions of the people I trusted. My parents, my grandparents, my teachers, my religion providers.

Why wouldn’t I believe what they believed to be true? Especially since they all seemed to agree on these things.

And so, in my most formative years, I absorbed their truths about

  • having and not having

  • money and wealth

  • hard work and opportunities

  • what’s possible and what’s not possible

But --even more than just be a sponge for all that -- I did this, too:

I vowed to be JUST LIKE them.

From a little kid’s perspective that felt like the best thing to do... because little kids have an instinct for survival. It's built-in. And HOW do we survive when we are still young and helpless?

By being accepted and kept safe inside the family. Inside the tribe.

That's how.

When we are young and helpless, it’s an actual biological urge to get the most safety, the most love, the most nurturing, the most positive attention as possible from the people who can give it to us.

The vow to be JUST LIKE them was survival informed.... and JUST LIKE them meant ALL of their beliefs -- even the illogical and limiting ones.

Jump ahead in time to my teens years. Now is when I make another vow.

I vow to be NOTHING LIKE them.

From a teenager perspective that felt like the ONLY thing to do. Teenagers have dreams and aspirations that allow them to move beyond the tribe.

Question: HOW do we move beyond our tribe when we are so hooked in with them?

By rebelling against them.

This is another actual biological urge. The urge to go beyond the gene pool and expand the gene pool.

So Teenage Dreamer Jeanne wants to move into the place where much more is possible.

That looks and sounds like this:

excerpt of me bellyaching about my mother that touches on how different our ideologies

wrap up with a sentence or two.

end of Blog Post #2

Blog Post #3

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THIS creates a situation.

Because while Teenage Dreamer Jeanne wants to move into the place where much more is possible, Little Baby Girl Jeanne needs to stay safe, needs to not be cast out, needs to belong.

The situation is one of having opposing NEEDS going on.

NEEDS that are so strong that they turn into VOWS.

This is an internal situation that plays out into the "real world" this way:

I keep being pulled back to their way of operating, try though I might to live my dreams! And I was trying with all my might!

Why? I wonder. Why get pulled back... every which way I try?


the need to be JUST LIKE them is unconscious....

and the unconscious is WAY stronger than the conscious....

my conscious mind is saying, "Be NOTHING LIKE them!" ...and it doesn't stand a chance.


It's just the truth:

the unconscious mind is a million times stronger than the conscious mind.

It just is. And so, always, the unconscious mind runs the show.


That it IS possible to get the subconscious working on your behalf

My relationship with #SC is growing

there is My Ol' Pal #SC - the one I grew up with

and it comes along with me into adulthood

My Ol' Pal #SC is very much alive inside of me


My Ol' Pal #SC is getting a bit of a pile on

because having opposing VOWS is

making everything feel harder, be harder


Opposing Vows = #SC On Steroids

And this excerpt from the #Jbks illustrates what it ends up looking like for me when I am 25 years old in NYC...

Aug 23, 1990
A man holding a sign asks for enough money to buy a token so that he can get somewhere tomorrow. I hear this and know that I have change in my pocket, but it’s not enough to buy a token. I approach him and give him all the money in my pocket. I wish it could be more I tell him. God bless you for trying to help he tells me. God bless you for trying to help reverberates in my brain as I walk on. Yes I am trying to help. I needed to hear that. Maybe this physical existence is not an illusion masking what is really there. Maybe this is what is. And maybe the sooner I buy into it and work with it the sooner I’ll get ahead. I mean, why did I give him all my change? Because I didn’t need it since I was walking, so why not give it to him? What’s wrong with saving it for when I might need it? He can use it better than I can right now. But that’s why I never have any money. I just give it away instead of saving it. Oh I don’t know. I don’t know how to go about it. All I can do is follow my heart. Last winter I followed my heart and gave away all of my excess cash. Thus my current financial distress. So where does my charitable attitude get me? Nowhere. According to my theory of ‘give and you shall receive’ I should be a very wealthy woman today. I’m not. So much for that theory. But maybe the timetable is different than I want it to be. Maybe the receiving comes a little bit later. Maybe what I receive is not money, but something more valuable. Ha! When financial struggle is a daily experience nothing is more valuable than money! It’s easy to say money is just money when you’ve got an abundance of it.

To end BLOG 2:

recap what I have just illustrated

BY saying one thing about it i.e.:

This was me experiencing Parts of myself talking to each other. I will emphasize that in the next discussion of this excerpt from the #Jbks -[LINKS to the top of BLOG POST #3]

Then further describe what I have just illustrated over in BLOG 3..