Helping others realize what matters to them is what matters to me.


1.  to understand clearly

2. to bring into existence

3. to convert into actual money


your gifts, your passions, your unique way of offering it


The world wants your gifts.

It needs some of what lights you up. 

It absolutely does.

Step 1.  Are you able to vividly conceive of what you have to give to the world? 

Step 2.  Are you manifesting it in the physical world so others will be able to benefit from it?


And no less importantly...

Step 3.  Are you comfortable converting what you have to offer into money?

Step 3 - converting what you uniquely have to offer into actual money - 

is as critical a step in the REALIZE WHAT MATTERS formula as the other two steps.


Because an exchange of value is the only way the world can continue to benefit from it. 


If you aren't receiving in exchange for what matters to you, how can you possibly keep giving it? 

As someone with a long history of not being able to pull off that third step I now have specialized training and loads of experience in uncovering and clearing money blocks.


EFT-Tapping is the healing modality I use -- along with the laser-focused processes I mastered as a Tapping Into Wealth coach -- to help others uncover and clear what is in the way of receiving actual money in exchange for their gifts.


THAT really matters to me.

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