As a certified EFT-Tapping coach,

this is what I help people to do.

On every level possible.

Do YOU realize what matters to YOU?

As in, are you actively...

Understanding it clearly? 

Making it real?

Converting it into money?


WHAT MATTERS TO YOU = your gifts in this lifetime


The world wants and needs your gifts. 

It absolutely does.

Are you clearly understanding that?

Are you making your gifts real in the world

by cultivating and putting them out there

for others to enjoy and benefit from?


And no less importantly...

Are you converting your gifts into money (or the like)?


This is a critical part of


An exchange of value is the only way the world can

continue to be given your gifts. 

If you are not receiving something in exchange for

what matters to you, how can you possibly keep

cultivating and putting it out there? 

As a Realize What Matters Coach,

I help others to realize what matters to them.

On every level possible. 

Doing that is what matters to me.

Got Something to Realize?

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One of the things I offer people, so they can get a feel for what working with me is like (and whether or not we are fit for working together), is a complimentary Clarity Session. In it we get really clear on what matters to you, what's in the way of realizing it, and then I give my best recommendation for how to close that gap so you can realize it fully.

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